Elbow Tendonitis Guide

Build Strong, Pain-Free Tendons With This Simple Exercise Program

The Elbow Tendonitis Guide includes your equipment list, soft tissue techniques and exercises to prevent it from coming back.


Safely strengthen the tendon so you're less likely to get re-injured.

I know you miss training. Let's clean up this issue and get back to business!


I went ahead and added a surprise bonus in there for you!


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Listen to these super smart people.

I want to thank you so much. I suffered with tennis elbow for about 3 years. I had four cortisone shots, lots of physical therapy, threat of possible surgery, etc. I gave your advice a shot. I did the exercises for two months and I am cured. I can't thank you enough. Unbelievable!!!!

Karen Smilen

Jamie, thanks so much for this video. You were absolutely right - within a week I could feel a huge difference, and now 4 weeks later I'm well on the way to a full recovery. The cost of the FlexBar and stick together was less than one appointment with a physio, so I'm very happy!

Paul Curtis

Seriously, It's Free!?